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Optimism in German manufacturing sector improved further in October, partly fueled by stronger growth in production and higher new orders. However, factories continue to cut jobs and outlook also worsened some. Service sector was hurt by new corona restrictions #macrobond

#earlyvote morning update 10/21

At least 39.8 million people have voted in the 2020 general election

Data from China point to a strengthening recovery in September. Industrial production was up 6.9% YoY, and retail sales also increased further. “Golden week” in October showed strong sales and travel activity. GDP rose by 2.7% QoQ in Q3 and 4.9% against last year. #macrobond

US retail sales increased more than expected in September with broadbased improvement. Clothing sales were particularly strong. Turnover in restaurants and bars was also higher, but could be challenged in October amid colder weather, more layoffs and rapidly rising infections

Improvement in September economic sentiment (ESI) in the euro area was mainly driven by jump in optimism in France and Italy. Italian increase was particularly strong and across all sectors of the economy, including services. Italy and France could be positive surprises next year

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