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Employment declined by 713K in March with unemployment increasing to 4.4%. Unfortunately, data have mostly been collected earlier in March, so decline in employment is going to be much larger in April. Unemployment should hit levels last seen during the 1930s #macrobond

Tak til @VibekeDB for forrygende værtsskab og til @UlrikBie for corona korrekt panel partnerskab! Vi drøftede de samfundsmæssige konsekvenser ved corona samt mere hjælp til startups og vækstvirksomheder!#TV2businessClass #corona

Over the past two weeks ten million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. That is more than the entire decline in employment during the financial crisis. More to come next week. It is pretty obvious the benefit system is not geared towards such an inflow. #macrobond

Economic pain from the corona pandemic is no longer a prediction but now is visible in hard data. Unemployment in Spain skyrocketed in March as a lockdown was imposed. Even after reopening, the Spanish economy is in trouble with 15% of activity generated in tourism #macrobond

China's private-sector manufacturing PMI rebounded in March as production came back online. However, export orders declined and domestic consumer demand remains weak. Even with further domestic stimulus, China is unlikely to completely escape ongoing global recession #macrobond

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